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An Awards Winning Toby's Favourites was created by Anita & Stuart Park to fulfil the need for meat protein, wheat and sweet potato free pet treats. The inspiration for the brand was Toby, their 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who suffers from many food allergies. Unfortunately, it was difficult for the owners to find any treats for their dog which didn't cause him an allergic reaction, skin scabbing, and/or tummy issues. Through research and development, Anita started to make her own biscuits at home for her beloved pet. She quickly noticed improvement in his skin condition, and it was no brainer to continue with the home baking as there was very little on the market had the same effect.


Our family and lots of friends are very dog loving and we quickly noticed how other dogs liked Toby's Favourites biscuits, and that's what started the idea to try and make some availiable for other dogs to enjoy.


Anita & Stuart have extensive Food Manufacturing knowledge in Operations and Technical, which made it much easier to comply with legal and pet food safety requirements and to set up a production process.


Toby’s Favourites use only organic ingredients. We do not use any meat or fish proteins, no wheat-based flours, no gluten, no sweet potato. Our biscuits are based on certified organic gluten free oats and certified organic coconut flour with addition of fresh organic fruit & veg, organic dehydrated veg, crunchy organic peanut butter and organic seeds.


We believe that dogs can have treats which are not based on meat proteins or bulky wheat flour and are still healthy, delicious and nutritious.

We are also very proud to be recognised and awarded Pet Treat Specialists of the Year at Innovation & Exellence Awards 2023 and be a Silver Winner in the Product Heads Business Innovation Category at SME Cambridge Independent Awards 2023.

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