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Meet our new product - 100% Organic Papaya Strips


Pure fruit chews, with no additives or preservatives. Sweet and delicious, our pooch loves them.


Product is completely allergen free - unless your dog cannot have papaya.


Our dry papaya strips are rich in flavour, fibre and nutrients like beta carotene and antioxidants as well as being very low in fat.


Compositition:100% Dried Papaya


Analytical Constituents:Protein 3%, Crude Fibre 10.1%, Crude Fat 0.3%, Crude Ash 4.1%


As they contain quite a lot of natural sugars it is recommended to limit the intake to 2 strips for small breeds up to 10kg and 4 strips for bigger doggies per day.*


Product comes packed in a 60g white pouch with a preview window.


*If you have any questions or concerns regarding your dogs balanced diet, please consult your veterinarian before moving forward with any feed, treats or supplements.


Product colour may vary.

Papaya Fruit Dog Chews 60g

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