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Our first fully hypoallergenic dog treats made with organic cassava flour, date paste and carob! That's it, only 3 ingredients. No additives, no grains, no seeds no preservatives.


It's chocotastic if you ask us! ðŸ˜ðŸ•



Cassave Flour, Date Paste (24%), Carob Powder (15%),


Analytical constituents:

Protein 2.5%, Crude Fibre 3.9%, Crude Fat 0.2%, Crude Ash 1.5%, Moisture 13.5%


As our non-choc treats are pretty high in carbohydrates, we recommend that daily dose doesn't exceed:


Small breeds  <10kg - 2 buttons

Medium breeds 10-25kg - 3 buttons

Large breeds >25kg - 4 buttons

Non-Choc Buttons 85g

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  • Organic Cassava Flour

    Cassava flour is completely grain free and ground from the whole cassava root, native to Nigeria, Thailand and South America. Cassava flour is completely safe for dogs, has a nutty flavour and is used in a number of pet food products, where a grain free option is required. Cassava flour is rich in carbohydrates and is a pretty good source of fibre too.  As cassava is not a native vegetable to the UK or Europe, it makes it a great hypoallergenic ingredient.


    Organic Carob Powder

    What makes our non-choc buttons so delicious that doggies can’t resist them? It’s carob. Carob powder is a golden brown powder made from roasted, ground carob pods.  They grow on a tree native to North Africa and Asia, and belong to the same family as peas, Fabaceae.  Carob contains no caffeine or theobromine so it makes a great choice for making ‘chocotasticly’ ‘safe doggie treats.

    Carob has a rich ‘caramelly’ taste and contains three times more calcium than cacao and contains no oxalates (compounds which inhibit mineral absorption).

    Carob has a naturally sweet flavour, similar to chocolate, but it also contains a variety of healthy nutrients such as vitamins A, B, and D as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and protein. Additionally, carob is a good source of fiber for dogs as well as pectin, a substance that helps to flush toxins from the body.


    Organic Date Paste

    Dates come from date palm trees that grow across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Dates are rich in natural sugars and dietary fiber and contain moderate amounts of B vitamins, Vitamin A, magnesium, manganese, and potassium. The vitamins can boost your dog’s immune system, and the high fiber content of dates can help improve digestion.

    Date paste is super sweet and high in moisture making the treats delicious and chewy, after the first crunchy barrier is chewed through by the pooch.

    As dates contain quite a lot of sugars, non-choc buttons should be given in moderation to avoid doggies getting obese if they do not have a lot of exercise.  



    *We cannot claim the properties of our actual treats; however we can provide information on individual ingredient composition or its nutritional values. Information listed has been obtained from our suppliers, their product descriptions, or online studies.

    **If you have any questions or concerns regarding your dogs balanced diet, please consult your veterinarian before moving forward with any feed, treats or supplements.

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