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You already purchased our Bake At Home Kit with the tin and want to make more biscuits? Maybe you tried a different flavour and don't really want another tin, but would like to bake the apple pie treats?


We introduce The Refills! Yes, you can now create Toby's Favourites dog treats at home again with this refill mix! 


Bakers of all abilities will be able to recreate our treats with the simple, easy to follow, step by step instructions included in the bag!


What do I need to add?

- Apple (grated) 120g

- Water - 40ml


Once baked, these treats will last for up to 4 weeks if stored in the airtight tin, kept in a cool dry place.


Our Bake at Home Refill includes:

- Dry ingredients mix 206g

- Instructions


Organic Gluten Free Oats, Organic White Chia Seeds, Organic Cinnamon Powder (Cassia)


Nutrition Information (per 100g of dry mix as sold):
Energy  1520kJ/363kcal, Fat  6.4g of which Saturates 1.4g, Carbohydrate  68g of which Sugars 1.8g, Protein 11.8g Salt 0g

Bake at Home Refill - For Apple Pie Treats

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  • Fully Compostable Liner Bags

    Bags we use inside the tins are to protect our mix from gaining moisture and to keep it fresh and dry.

    Those bags are fully biodegradable and compostable and of course food safe.

    These bags are made in the UK from cellophane film that has been accredited biodegradable & compostable to 'BS EN 13432' and 'OK Compost'. They are also approved for Anaerobic digestion (ISO 15985) & Marine biodegradation ASTM D6691-09. The film has also been tested to ensure that once composted there are no adverse effects on the plant growth.

    Bags are made out of the cellulose and after their shelf life they will break down to CO2 , H2O and biomass which then can be reused in the eco system to make new plants. This process will happen in either home or commercial composting. As the commercial composting temperatures are higher, the process is much quicker and in a colder home composter it will just take longer.


    Glassine Bags

    Our food grade glassine bags were created from a smooth, glossy paper and are air, water and grease resistant. They were created from renewable natural fibre resources, and they are recyclable, 100% biodegradable and sustainable and are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging. The Cellulose composition is 100% Virgin Wood Pulp.


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